Mother-of-An-Angel Friendship Network

Friendship Network

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Website Features

Local Connections link…  the web page introduces local mothers to the weekly community meetings.  It also provides links to organizations that provide professional support groups or counseling since that is not the purpose of this Friendship Network.


Local Members link… to provide ease of access to all communication methods associated with each community meeting participant, this page has direct links to personal email, sites or websites. 


Online Connection link … this page provides links to local, national and international organizations that offer extensive educational information, online connection opportunities and a myriad of practical resource links to use or share.


Grief Resources

Discussion Boards… A forum is a group of people communicating on a similar topic through internet tools such as a Discussion Board.  You must register on the site to become a member of the forums. Once registered, you logon then post comments and respond to other postings.   Postings are entered or read whenever convenient so there is no schedule.  If you “Subscribe” then emails of new postings will be sent to your email account with a direct link to the website.


Chat Rooms… similar to the above, an online connection is available here but the difference is that there are scheduled times to meet with other participants.  The chat room approach is real time, back and forth discussion through keyboard texting or verbally with a  headphone/microphone. 


Social Networking… personal sites that contain ways to share comments, pictures, videos.  Go to the sites such as to set one up.


Comfort In Words

Books and PoetryThe bookstores listed allow materials to be purchased online but prior payment arrangements may be required at sites such as


Cards… send some online “fun”reading to a friend through direct links to sites that offer ecards, postcards, movies, albums…some allow digital pictures to be added and include music or animation.  Must know their email address in order to have a card sent to them.


Tools To Use

Add To Favorites… this command can be done to any webpage you view and is helpful in returning to the page quickly without navigating through the website.  While viewing the Internet Page you want to add to your list:


1. Click “Favorites” from the menubar across the top of the screen. 

2. Click “Add to Favorites…”

3. Type or edit name for the page.  You can create a “New Folder” or select an existing folder with “Create In” to organize your favorites.  Click “Add”

4. The next time you want to access the page, repeat step #1 and click on name of Favorite that was added.  Quick!!

To print this Job Aid or any page on this website, right click on the page then select “Print” from the menu.