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I lost my eighteen year old son in a motorcycle accident on March 9, 2007. Being a

reader all my life I was shocked to find it very hard to read during those first few months.

But when I asked clergyman or friends as to what books might be comforting to read

most had no idea what was on the shelves. I eventually found myself surfing the internet

reading excerpts of books and ordering what intrigued me. allows you

access to read the covers and first few pages of a book as well as reviews by other

readers. This is my list of some of the most helpful books in my growing library. When

no one else understood what I was going through I found solace and support between

the covers of books. I would not have made it through the first six months without the

written word.


I have found that reading books especially written for children on death are helpful for all

ages. During the grief process everything seems overwhelming. Simple short stories

offer help to adults with out the overwhelming task of reading, they are usually full of

large words and beautiful pictures.


1. A BROKEN HEART STILL BEATS, Author: Anne McCraken and Semel, excellent

collection of poetry and essays from parents whom have lost a child, many of them

famous people in history.


2. FIVE CRIES OF GRIEF, Author: Merton P Stommen and A Irene Stommen, excellent

story of one families journey to healing after the tragic death of a son. This is written

by both mother and father, their different views from the initial notification of the

death of their son through the first years of recovery. Reactions from siblings are

added. Beautifully written.


3. LAMENT FOR A SON, AUTHOR: Nicholas Wolterstorff, excellent expression of grief

written by a father after losing a son in a tragic mountain climbing accident.


4. HOW TO SURVIVE THE LOSS OF A LOVE, Author: Harold H Bloomfield, MD, Melba

Colgrove, PH D & Peter McWilliams, good beginner book, quick read, very helpful.


5. THE GRIEF RECOVERY HANDBOOK, Author: John W James and Russell

Friedman, an action program for moving beyond all losses.


6. LIVING WHEN A LOVED ONE HAS DIED, Author: Earl A Grollman, good beginner

book, filled with poems and short pages of encouragment.


7. AND GOD CREATED HOPE, Finding your way through grief with lessons from early

Biblical stories, Author: Rabbi Mel Glazer, a must read for all who enjoy reading and

wish to find solace through the pages of time. FABULOUS


8. TIME REMEMBERED A Journal for Survivors, Author Earl A Grollman, a book with

short pages and hint questions to help with journaling about your loved one. Maybe

be enjoyed as reading and then later during the grief process a help for writing.


9. GONE BUT NOT LOST, Author: David W Wiersbe, a book of questions and answers

asked by many parents after the death of a child.

Compiled by Linda of the Friendship Network

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