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Text Box: Jordanís Story

On October 20,2007 my life was changed forever. My son Jordan was killed by a drunk driver. He was 17 years old.† It's odd how certain dates are burnt into your mind and on your heart forever. The day my son was born and the date he was killed.† I was† asked once† if I would change the last moments I spent with my son, if I had known they were indeed my last? No. I spent the last two hours with Jordan having a wonderful conversation that began with me telling him I loved him more than anyone else in this world. I had no idea two days later his life would be cut short. His last words to me were " I love you, mom." We had an incredibly close relationship. One that I will cherish and miss for the rest of my days. Though moving through life without his presence will be the hardest task, I know I have to live for both of us now. Only because Jordan was selfless and would want us to try and be happy again. I hope this site will help mothers of angels find a connection and a little support to help you on this journey.