Mother-of-An-Angel Friendship Network

Friendship Network

Yes, however new participants must contact the Coordinator prior to attending their first meeting.  The initial contact provides an opportunity to thoroughly introduce the new person to the friendship network.  This will provide a more comfortable setting for all friends in the network.

No. This is not meant to add stress to your schedule. We are all dealing with enough stress already.  However, you are encouraged to make a commitment to the group to attend on a somewhat regular basis so that friendships can be developed.

You are welcome to contact the coordinator to request information and to ask questions.  Contact information can be found on the “Contact Us” web page.

Questions & Answers

Any mother who has lost a child through death is welcome to join the online friendship network as well as the community meeting group. The intent is to provide an opportunity for mothers to find a network of friends who understand the common journey being traveled.


Who can join the online friendship network?

How do I join a community meeting group?

Must I attend the community meeting every time?

Can I invite others?

For the community meetings, limit the invitations to mothers who have lost a child.  The purpose of this friendship network is to bring together women suffering similar circumstances.  The Special Events are intended for families, spouses, dates, etc.

Can I bring children or guests?

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