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Tys Story

Ty was taken away from us suddenly on May 1, 2005. It was a warm and sunny day and him and his brother were going to spend the afternoon with daddy playing in the hot tub in the back yard. Ty and Trent made it to the backyard before their daddy did, and we do not know exactly what happened, but Ty drown wearing his float-e-suit (life jacket) in front of Trent. Trent tried to pull him out, but being only 4 years old at the time was unable to do so. He then got help from his dad who was in the kitchen. We miss our baby dearly and have a hole in our hearts. We have made an effort to continue moving through our grief, making new memories, but including Tys spirit and memory with the new. I hope that I can help to comfort others with this friend network, and assure you that you are not crazy, and promise you things will slowly get better as we rebuild our lives.