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Text Box: Zachary’s Story

9/23/93 – 12/2/08

My son, Zachary, was an energetic, comical, and spunky person from the moment he was born.  He always made friends easy, enjoyed many sports, and cherished his time with family.  As he grew into a teenager, his love of sports narrowed to skate boarding.  It became one of his passions.  Zach was riding his skate board on December 2, 2008, going to see his little sister sing in the elementary “Fall Festival”, loving the weather, happy his brother from the military was home on leave, happy to have his family, and happy to be free to spend time with his friends and his girlfriend.  As my best friend said, he was “…at the height of his game…”  Everything had come together for him and he was doing what he loved best.  He had just had dinner with me and his three siblings, he had just spoken to his girlfriend, and he was riding his skate board in what he declared earlier that day as the perfect weather…cold enough that he could skate really hard, break for 30 seconds to cool off, then skate really hard again.  The last thing he said to me was “Save me a seat.  I love you, just make sure you save me a seat.”  Only, on this day he didn’t look when he was crossing the street.  He didn’t see the SUV that was travelling 50 MPH.  He didn’t see that when he crossed the street against a red light that his life was going to end.  He didn’t see that I sat in the auditorium, watching my daughter sing, saving his seat, waiting for him to show, wondering if his plan changed.  I entered this journey unwillingly, but I’m facing it wholeheartedly.  My son’s memory will continue.  My other children and I will honor him by living our lives well and making sure that he is not only remembered, but that his memory will continue to live in us.