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Text Box: Brannonís Story

Brannon, was the person I trusted the most.† The one who would do anything for me, and I would do anything for him.† I had Brannon when I was 17 years old, and I donít know life without him.† He was the core to our family.† The one to count on,† and our family comedian.


Brannon passed away May 17, 2008 along with his two cousinís Matt 23 yrs, and David 25 yrs.† All three boys died while gold mining on my cousinís ranch. They were over come by carbon monoxide poisoning.† David entered the mine and never came out.† Matt and Brannon entered the mine in an attempt to save David. They had carried David up a steep incline and got him all the way out of the mine. All three boys were found just outside the mine. They were all intertwined together.


†These three boys were adventurous, and are deeply loved by family and friends. They had a very strong love and bond for one another. We buried all three boys side by side.†


I look forward to seeing my precious son againÖFamilies Are Forever!!!