Mother-of-An-Angel Friendship Network

Friendship Network

Text Box: “Reaching out with a hand of friendship, to help each other through a common journey.”

Local Connections

Community Meetings


One night weekly we meet to connect with each other for conversation and sharing. During this time we have:


Angel Celebrations
each mother has the option of taking an assigned evening to share stories of their angel with the group.


Topic Talk
a topic for the evening will be randomly drawn to serve as a discussion starter and to keep us focused on angel related topics.


Social Time
meetings will provide the chance for mothers to make connections, learn from each other and build friendships.


All community meetings are currently held in California Central Valley cities.  They are limited to mothers who have lost a child through death.  Please contact the Coordinator prior to attending your first meeting.  At that time, the specific location and date/time of the meetings will be shared with you..  Contact information can be found on the “Contact Us” page.


Special Events


Periodically there will be opportunities to attend a get-together in which Mothers can bring their families. This may be in the form of a local grief event, a picnic, or group “fun time” event.  Details will be provided at a community meeting near the time of the special event. 


Local Events


As local grief organizations sponsor events in the community, there will be an announcement on the Home Page of the website.  In addition, current members of the Weekly Gatherings group will be notified and encouraged to attend.


Local Professional Support Groups/Counseling


If you reside in the California Central Valley, you may want to attend a professionally led support group and/or meet with a counselor either prior to joining our friendship network.  You may also choose to do both concurrently.  Here are some suggestions:

· Hinds Hospice Grief and Loss Center

· Grief Share Support Groups

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