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Angel Stories

Every mother in this friendship network has a tale to tell…of special times shared with their child as well as their angel story.  Since “a picture is worth a thousand words” click on the photo below each mother’s name to view a snapshot of the journey each one shared with their angel child.

Text Box: Cheri

Angel Girl: Mairra

6 years old

Text Box: Linda
Text Box: Martha

Angel Boy: Donovan

16 years old

Text Box: Michelle

Angel Boy: Ty

19 months old

Text Box: Nicole

Angel Boy: Xander

2 years old

Text Box: Simone

Angel Boy: Jordan

17 years old


Angel Girl: Krista

18 years old



Angel Boy: Tommy

14 years old


Angel Girl: Starla

10 years old



Angel Boy: Zachary

15 years old

Angel Boy: Brannon

26 years old

Angel Boy: Johnnie

19 years old

Angel Girl: Alyssa

16 years old

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